Prayer at BFC


Prayer is a key element of our ministry at Brentford Free Church. We seek to deepen our understanding and relationship with God and prayer is the process by which we speak and listen to our Lord.

It is an important part of the life of a Christian and should be a delight, not a duty. There is more to prayer than being like a shopping list to God. We have prayers of thanks, praise and worship, confession, intercessory prayers for our world, other situations and people, reflective prayers, meditations, prayers for healing, open prayer, liturgical prayer and times of silence for our own prayer.

We have different opportunities for prayer:

After Services

All our services, include prayer. We also allow time at the end of our services for any within our congregation to have personal prayer with a member of our prayer ministry team.

Prayer Meetings

6.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.      1st Sunday Evening of every month

12.00 p.m. to 12.30 p.m.  Every Monday during term-time.

All are welcome.

Prayer at Homegroups

Prayer is a vital part of each homegroup and is a good place to start praying with others for the first time.

Prayer Events‚Äč

Throughout the year we hold different prayer events, which include prayer breakfasts, weekends, weeks and months using 24/7 model of prayer.

Prayer Diary

We encourage everyone to make time every day to pray to God, to give thanks for his creation, praise for his presence, to seek forgiveness for our sins and bring before him those things that are on our hearts. We produce a Prayer Diary each month to provide a list of topics for which The Church and individuals would value prayer support. Please feel free to use this Diary (see online magazine section) as as a framework for your prayers.

Prayer Requests

If there is something or someone you would like prayer for, and would like this included within one of our services, a Prayer Meeting or added to the Prayer Diary, please contact either our Church Administrator, or Prayer Team Leader. These can be totally confidential if you need them to be.



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