Monthly Reflection for February 2017

We have spent quite a bit of time in January looking at the year ahead, and how time does fly by. So as I write this reflection I felt it was important to remind us not always to be thinking and planning ahead, but it is important to enjoy the moments we have now.

There is an older hymn we sometimes sing with these words:

Take time to be holy, speak oft with Thy Lord; abide in Him always, and feed on His word.
Make friends of God's children, help those who are weak; forgetting in nothing, His blessing to seek.

There is so much good advice in that verse:

·         Take that time to reflect upon God and His goodness, as we spend time with God His love and holiness overflow into our lives. Take that time to look around and see where God is at work in our world today and let us celebrate the goodness of God.

·         Take time to feed on His word, what good advice and how we need to be reminded of that. We would not go without a meal in a daytime, so it is important that we do not go through a day without reading and feeding upon God's word. God longs to speak into our lives, God longs to strengthen us and encourage us, God longs to bless us: and one of the ways is through the Bible.

·         The hymn then goes on to say how important Christian friendship and fellowship is. At times life has its challenges and it is good to have other people around us to encourage us. At times we have wonderful news to share and it is important we do that together as God's family. Let me encourage us all to continue building friendships with each other, spend time together as God's family to worship Him.

In our Sunday services we are looking at the life of Moses and on the 22nd January we considered how important other people were in building Moses up and helping him spiritually in his life; and if we have not met with other Christians for a while, and you are reading this, please let me encourage you to reconnect with God's family because we are there to help one another grow in our faith and to experience more of God in our lives.

·         And the final thought for this month is let us not forget to seek God's blessing by serving God. Help those who are weak, we are called to serve God by serving each other and to serve the community, and so there are many things that are happening in the life of this church, and I would want to encourage each one of us to serve where we can: because it is in serving that we experience some amazing moments in our Christian lives and we see God doing amazing things.

I want to thank you all for all the help and support in January and we look forward to this coming month: but let us in all the busyness BE STILL AND KNOW GOD, take that time to develop your relationship and walk with God.

With love and prayers, Matt

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