July 2018 Reflection

This month I have been reflecting on all the different people that have come into the church at different times. We have our usual groups of people from pre-school, to HAYA, to ABC, Midweek, Building Bridges, Youth Groups and our regular church activities. We have also had a group of people connected with the Public Inquiry.

As I have reflected upon all these people who have come into the church, I have thought at times, why do we do what we do? What is our aim and purpose in doing the things that we do as a church?

Throughout the booking we have had opportunities to serve many different people at different times and through serving people and showing people general care and a willingness to go that extra mile, it does make an impact.

We often have regular challenges to speak about our faith, but I think here is one that is just as powerful, we must continue to serve people, with the love of Christ.

The verse above reminds us that Jesus came to serve and not to be served. Philippians reminds us that our attitudes should be the same as that of Jesus Christ, again Philippians reminds us to do everything without complaining; so, serving people with a Christ-like attitude is a vital part of who we are.

All that we do as a church, whatever group we are part of or involved with, whether it is tea’s and coffee’s, youth work, home groups whatever it might be, we do so because we want to serve people and show them the love of Christ.

What are our lives about? Do you just want people serving you or do you want to be a servant, someone willing to give there all, to go that extra mile, to show people that we do care for them and will do anything for them, because that is the example that Christ has given to us.

I pray that we all find joy in the many different ways we are called to serve God in this church and the community in which God has placed us.

I often have to take a step back from the pressures and busyness of life to remember that it is a joy and privilege to serve God, do everything without complaining (Phil 2: 14) but do everything with joy in our hearts.

If we have forgotten that joy of serving my prayer this month is that we would all find that space to remember the importance of what we do. What you do with your lives and with the gifts God has given you makes a difference. Let us continue to do all that can to serve our God the one who has shown us what it means to serve.

Jesus says to His disciples in John 13 that it is important that we serve and His final words are “now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them” (John 13:17).

May God bless you all in the different ways you serve God in your daily lives.            MATT